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Meet Our Staff

Debra  Soto

Office Manager 

 Debra has over 40 years of business experience in corporate business. Debra started her healing journey through Chiropractic  and nutritional care in the Spring of 2015 due to  many Health concerns she was experiencing. Soon after that , Debra  discovered the POWER of  Massage Therapy. Debra enjoys assisting clients with a welcoming smile exploring their healing journey. Her energy brings a sense  of  security and comfort to our environment. She is available at The Center's front desk M-Fri 9am-4:30pm for any questions or to set up an appointment.  She offers information on all the many services and products offered at The Center! 

Vanessa Telfer

 LMT, Certified Pain Management Therapist 

 In 2014, Vanessa seriously injured her back and massage therapy had a major impact in her recovery .  Through her  healing journey,  she was inspired to become a massage therapist to share her gifts with others.  She studied  at The Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy and  believes in the power of  massage not only  to heal the physical body, but also  the mind and spirit(soul) as well.  Born and raised in Colorado, she enjoys the outdoors from  the many lakes and rivers to hiking and camping in the mountains. Not to mentions her love for animals, she only has a few.......

BOOKS OUT APPROXIMATELY 1 MONTH        Session Rates Start at $75/Hr    


Learn More about Us

​​The Center of Massage and Wellness is amazing!!!!! I started going to see them last year for prenatal massages and loved it so much I go all the time! I've seen almost all of the massage therapists and they are so caring and knowledgeable and professional. Amazing place!

~Jennifer Sandoval 

Our Mission

                            Our aim is to increase our client’s awareness and encourage them to take an active role in their health and well being. Everyone that walks through our doors are made to feel very welcome and at ease, knowing that each individual is very important and that the well being of each client comes 1st. Alignment is essential to our work and we make it our mission that when you leave our office you are feeling balanced and renewed!

                          Our therapists are trained in a vast array of modalities and every session accommodates each client’s needs.

                           At our facility we offer Rasha Scalar-Plasma therapy, Zyto Balance Health Scans, Ion Cleanse Foot Soak,  Chair Massage, Massage Therapy, Dolphin NeuroStim (MPS),  Bio Mat Therapy, Energy Work,  as well as access to the world's leading quality Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Nutritional products are also available for purchase in our Wellness Shop, Come check us out today! 


Client Testimonials

The Center of Massage & Wellness is more than a place for relaxation and a feel good place, but a place to fully reconnect with all my senses.

~Tracy Baird

As an "Elite" Athlete, I have found The Center of Massage & Wellness to be a perfectly blissful little slice of heaven. The staff exceeds expectations in presentation, interaction, and the quality of the massages have no words that would adequately do them justice. As a member of Team USA, I schedule a massage after all of my meets with Janetta, the Owner. They always exceed expectations and aid in my recovery. I would recommend them to all as they are the very best that I've found. As Chairman of USA Track and Field-Colorado,(Mens' and Women's Division) I highly recommend The Center of Massage and Wellness for your massage needs. Janetta and Velvet are the absolute best!
~ R. Kenneth O'Neal II Ph.D(c) MSHS,BSHS,LPN
Adjunct Professor, Health Care Administration
Colorado Christian University
Team USA!
2016 WMA World Championship Bronze Medalist 
2016 USATF All American (High Jump)
2017 SE United States Champion 3x Gold Medalist

Janetta Thomas-Quiroz

CEO,LMT,CCA,CALC, CYT,Certified Pain Management Therapist

Born in California, Janetta has a sincere love for diversity. Her clients range from all ages and walks of life. She is highly skilled in numerous modalities of Massage Therapy and Energy Work. Janetta is continually enhancing her “tool belt” of knowledge of the Body/Mind/Spirit Connection Through Ayurveda, Yoga, Fitness, QuantumEnergy and Personal growth. Janetta has 13 yrs currently in the Wellness Industry and with her entrepreneur mindset, she grows her business not only through Massage, but also through other wellness devices and holistic health alternatives. Janetta’s high sense of Intuition and Empathic abilities enhance every session experience. 

BOOKS OUT APPROXIMATELY 6-9 MONTHS            Session Rates Start at: $85/Hr